Waiting for The Major

Well. Our little bird has a name. Owing to his constant failures to launch, we have called him Major Tom. His attempts to slip the surly bonds of Earth, put out his wing, and touch the face of God are fruitless and adorable. At least he's trying. But do you think the kid has given talking a go? No sir.

A lot of people are telling me to give it time. Okay, that seems fair. Nero didn't fiddle as soon as Rome was built... I'm just warning you that videos of him will be exactly this interesting (see: below), until he opens his beak for more than a yawn or a high-pitched squeal, meaning "I can't see you, where did you go!?!".

While we wait for Major Tom to share his gift with us, let's have a look at this truly amazing book http://kolbisneat.com/spaceoddity.htm illustrating David Bowie's 'Space Oddity'.


  1. Aww. He is super photogenic.

    I'm calling my memoir 'Waiting for the Major'. The first one.

  2. Poor Squishie - so much pressure!

    What would the parenting books say? I think you need to give him the time and space to express his individuality... hehehe

    I look forward to more progress updates.