Still totally fine

Hello. Hi.

Yes, so I work in an office now. I guess the whole "working from home" aspect of this blog is now defunct.

But I am still totally fine. For now.

While I have been here I have got into the fairly bad habit of spending around $60 a week on coffee. That might be an exaggeration. Or, it might be bad maths skills. You are just going to have to trust me when I tell you that I have been starting my day with 4 shots of coffee.

I've decided to stop that now. For one reason, the baristas are annoying. Over 3 months of going to the same place every morning and asking them to put ALL OF THE COFFEE in a large cup, and they still act like they don't know me.

Another reason is that I want to spend money on more important things.

And, you know, health... or something.

This morning I am drinking a peppermint tea. I've always liked the stuff, but this morning I resent it with the flaming fervor of 11 angry suns.

Look at this insipid penguin piss.

For as long as I have the wherewithal and presence of mind, I am going to attempt to chart my inevitable decline. I expect that there will be stages, like with grief. I hope none of them involve stabbing. It's always a possibility though.

Edit: One hour later, and I am drinking a tea with five kinds of berries in it. As a sidenote, everything is stupid.