It's not you. It's me.

Soon I will be moving back over to the proper side of the bridge. This is very excellent news, aside from the fact that I'll need to break it gently to some people. Including this person, who is going to be heartbroken.

Substance abuse

Not having to get up and catch a bus every morning is such a wonderful thing. 

The new schedule is messing with me ever-so-slightly, though. The fact that I am drinking a lot more coffee and checking work emails at 3am could be contributing factors - but as I am not a science doctor, it's probably better if I don't think about it.

If I can find a balance between chasing the dog around the yard and sitting at my computer, singing a song I have entitled 'This is borrring', it will be a great thing.

The Little Things

I miss two things about working in an office. 1. Meeting Brooke (and on awesome occasions, Bec too) for coffee every morning. 2. Having coffee made for me every morning. (quite often more than once)

Now I have to make it my darn self. Like this.

Apart from missing Bec and Brooke, working from home is a-okay.

Selective active listening

When people tell me that they don't want their photo taken, I don't listen. Unless I am not the one taking the photo. In that case, I am all ears.

Photograph by Crystal Silvester

Drinking is good

Well, it's the end of my first week working from home. I haven't gone crazy yet. 

I mean, sure, I have been singing to the dog and bugging a lot of people... but, I still have all my hair.

Oh. I've moved my computer and phone out into my back room.

Now I am closer to the kitchen, which makes it a lot easier to maintain my almost Bukowskian levels of beverage consumption. It's much colder out here though. This means I have had to start adding coffee to my whiskey.

Speaking of... it's time for Friday afternoon drinks!

Office romance

A courier came to the door this morning. I think there was something between us. Did he really need me to sign for the package, or was that just some kind of ruse? Well. We'll never know because when I made a joke about packages, he started to back away.

Okay, today is my "busy day" so I'd better get back to it.

Wilson. Wilson, I'm sorry!

If there is one thing I have learned in my one-and-a-half days as a professional "work at homo" it is that you have to stay busy and social, or you'll go nuts. That's why this morning I made friends with a possum in my front yard.

Initially, I named him Claude. But now he has run away, so I have changed his name to Wilson in honour of 'Castaway'. I have never seen that movie, but I am pretty sure it's about Tom Hanks bonding with, and then ultimately betraying, a volleyball in some way. I would rather not know the details.

The people at WIRES have asked me to stop calling them.