No Margaret Cho

We have a little bird living with us now.

He or she is very friendly, but hasn't sung or said anything yet. Favourite activities so far include: napping, having it's neck rubbed, eating millet, trying to fly, and accidentally scratching people's skin. I've been playing music and whistling to try to encourage singing and talking... it's not working.

Also, we don't have a name for this bird. If you'd like to make suggestions then please go ahead. It's a bit weird just calling it "bird"... and "it".

The best laid plans

There's a long list of things that I am supposed to be doing today.

Instead of doing those things, I have been playing with the isupr8 app for iphone. And, in the spirit of taking things too far, I used it to make a 1940's news reel about my dog.

Thanks to my friend, Kate, for telling me about the app. Sorry to my neighbours for the 10 or so minutes I spent shouting into a cylinder to try to achieve an "old time radio" sound with my voice.... sigh.

History in the Baking

I am lucky enough to be friends with quite a few people who like to bake.

One of them has a blog about baking - although, it really needs some attention, so if you want to nag her about it then this is her twitter account. Tell her I sent you. Another of my baking buddies, despite going through a health and fitness phase (jebus, let it be a phase), probably makes the best cupcakes OF ALL TIME, this is her blog.

Here is my attempt at baking.

It is probably the first and last attempt (I am ignoring the great chocolate cake explosion of 1999).

Baking, I don't get it. Where is the chopping? Where is the seasoning? Where is the... wine? I could probably legitimately drink dessert wine while I bake, but that would more than likely lead to a Grease Megamix, owing to the fact that The Pink Ladies drank dessert wine at their sleepover.

Focus is Hrrrrrd

Sometimes I get distracted and I can't focus on anything serious. It's probably my new found not-feeling-like-absolute-crap-ness that's doing it and today my neighbourhood heard from me. A lot.

I promise that I am back on the ball now. If I haven't seen you in weeks, you're probably about to get a call.