Camp Awesome Ideas

Tomorrow is Canadian Thanksgiving. But it's belated. And it's in Australia.

We had this excellent idea while we were at Camp Awesome.

I am making a lot of vegetable side dishes. Hopefully they will counter the horror that is a turducken. I love a portmanteau as much as the next girl, but come on... Even if you can forget that it has the word "turd" in it, it's still  a duck in a chicken in a turkey. That is the stuff of nightmares.

OK. I am off to peel 70 potatoes now. See you on the other side.


When a game is bad, it is heartbreaking. I have just had my heart broken. By Funbox Media.

It's OK. I'm on Steam now. I'm going to get through this...

Terms of Engagement

Today was the engagement party of some friends of mine.

I don't get along with their other friends that well. The girls mostly talk about shopping for shoes that aren't sneakers, and the guys like to corner me near the BBQ and ask me really awesome questions like "haven't you heard of the food chain?"... but it's all in good fun. So, I went - out of a sense of friendship and because they have a really awesome pool.

That was an error.

Did you know that engagement parties are not to celebrate an engagement, but rather to celebrate the fact that gay people can't get married? Yeah. A couple of people used their toasts as a platform for some hate. And that seemed to be OK with everyone else.

So, naturally... I had some issues.

I made an appearance and I didn't make a scene, so my friends really have nothing to rebuke me for. I am just disappointed - disappointed that I was in that position and disappointed that I felt unable to say what I really thought.


Shout things at us and we'll vlog about it.

Reaching out to the community and not just talking about things I like. That's the idea.