For the love of vlog

Recently a friend of mine was diagnosed with something that will mean a fair bit more indoor-time for her. One of my first reactions was this: vlog about it. We all love the Fully Sick Rapper, right?

So if this girl can find a balance between ^that^ awesomeness and my drivel, it will be a win. My overwhelming urge to force my views on other people prompted this video proposal...

Basically, I don't think I will be happy until everyone I know is expressing themselves through words, pictures, photos, or video. I mean, really. What're you doing with your spare time? Sports? Ugh...


  1. Look, I didn't come here to express myself, I came here to comment.

    With my spare time, I'm reading the entire Christopher Hitchens back catalogue. It's making me an angry intellectual drunk. It's a mystery why I'm single.

  2. This has been educational and inspirational.
    You know the coolest thing about vlogging? Your face #boom.

  3. Thank you both for your comments.

    @Oasis Champions, don't forget to be sexist!

    @Sur la reg ... I have no words.

  4. If you introduce me to someone who can play Monopoly (or even Sorry) with the same gusto as someone who plays outdoor sports, then I may stay indoors more (to learn the strategies of winning at Pick-up-sticks and Monkeys-in-a-barrel).

    However, I may lose the requirements for outrunning zombies. (See: R. Carlisle, 28 weeks later.)

    Also, I like the size of your mug. I'll have to go looking at the shops for one similar - right now.

  5. What about indoor sports? #boosh

    You obviously haven't seen me playing Jenga, Jo'Paul. I sometimes sing 'The Jenga Bus is coming'...

    I also have a 25oz Atari stein from ThinkGeek just so you know.

  6. I was genuinely impressed by your video effects.
    I think we should do an animation collaboration. Fish and flashes.

  7. I vlog. Because you told me to. Outside is for suckers.

  8. I knew there was a need for sports and this: 5k Zombie Obstacle Course Race: