Left 2 Die

Last night I played 'Left 4 Dead 2', online. Oh yes, I am a nerd. Hi.

I was fairly excited about the character I got to play. A sassy chick with guns who seems to be sporting a Depeche Mode tshirt? Yes please.

She said cool things, like "This some crazy shit" and "Girl, shoulda stayed home" and even when I let her get attacked by chargers and jockeys (types of zombies), she was all "In case anyone was wondering, I'm probably about to die"... ahahahaha, I would totally say that too.

But then, when she was actually dying, she started crying and saying "help". B-word please.

She made me look like a p*ssy in front of my friends on the internet. Only I am allowed to do that. All the other characters were just sighing about their impending death in a really masculine way, while my character flipped through healing packs and axes, and cried. I'm pretty sure I saw a zombie roll it's eye socket.

Of course, this only serves to fuel my obsession. Now I am going to play this game till I have square eyes and rickets. That'll learn'em!


  1. Great. You have now made me buy the game. Cept I play a guy cause the chick sounds like she can't handle herself when shit gets real.

  2. Good purchase. I play the male characters a lot too. Except Coach. :)

  3. You've got some serious balls of steel girl!
    Well by balls I mean a steel p*ssy. Wait, is that right? Is that P.C? Moving on... Put it this way, if you were being eaten by zombies I'd save you. That's the kind of nice guy I am.