About Cats

Infant cats [or "kit-tens"] are incredibly small and can fit into tiny spaces. I'd forgotten that.

I have always had at least one pet. It feels wrong not to. Aside from a kitten that I brought home in a cardboard box "for my mum" when I was 9 though, we have always adopted mature cats and dogs. Usually they have been scared of everything, unsure what a litter box is for, and generally distrustful of humans from having lived on the streets - so the principle is sort of the same... only kittens are like everything that is awesome about a cat, in tiny concentrated form.

They are little packages of cuteness - fearless in the face of a bouncy bell toy, sh*t scared when the wind moves a blind. This girl also thinks that sneaking up on me and touching my eyeball is a great game. We are in love.

Every morning we play a game called 'Where are you hiding now?'. It basically involves me gently lifting up every piece of furniture we have, only to find that she has been tucked away somewhere watching me look for her the whole time.

True to form, we have yet to decide on a name. The pressure is immense. I don't know how people who have human kittens [or "bay-bees"] do it. Suggestions are welcome. I think we have it narrowed down. It's just a matter of seeing what suits her now.

I have appreciated the tips people give me but I am ignoring a lot of them. And then I am ignoring the people who have handed them out. Especially toilet training tips. If one more person tells me to "rub their nose in it", I am going to have to carefully consider our friendship... and whose nose gets rubbed in what.

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